HYFTs™ Connecting the Dots and Databases

How to solve multiple challenges in the management, processing and analysis of big data in biological research.

According to the latest State of Data Innovation report, organisations that go beyond merely storing and managing data to making data the core of their operations are twice as innovative and productive as organisations that lag in terms of data maturity, literacy, and culture.

Though financial services continue to be at the forefront of data initiatives, healthcare and life sciences have been “more aggressive, more optimistic and more successful in achieving data- driven business outcomes” than their sectoral peers. In fact, these sectors have consistently and considerably outperformed financial services across a range of metrics, including creating data-driven organisations, managing data as a critical business asset, driving innovation with data, and achieving transformational business outcomes.

Despite this organisation-level progress, however, there are still multiple challenges in the management, processing, analysis, cross-study comparison, etc. of big data in biological research:

  • Key Data Challenges in Life Sciences
  • HYFTs™ - When NLP Met Biology
  • The BioStrand HYFTs™ Advantage
  • Our Solution for End-to-End Multi-Omics Data Analysis & Management

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