White Paper - Innovating OMICs Analysis

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Innovating OMICs Analysis

Balancing innovation across the omics research funnel

Downstream genomics and bioinformatics processes are lagging the pace of innovation in upstream sequencing technologies.

Sequence alignment methods, often the first critical step in knowledge extraction from raw sequence data, still rely predominantly on techniques first developed in the last century.

Subsequent workflows and pipelines often require extensive DIY assembling and tooling that adversely affects the productivity, efficiency, accuracy, and scalability of genomics research.

It is becoming increasingly clear that bioinformatics and genomics will require disruptive rather than incremental innovation in order to keep pace with the analytical demands of big data generated by fourth-generation NGS technologies.

In this white paper we discuss the topics below, and outline how the research funnel can be optimised. 

  • The sequence alignment challenge,
  • The challenges of OMICs data,
  • Mining the potential in biological patterns,
  • Applying NLP to biology,
  • The power of advanced indexing and exact matching,
  • Benchmarking quality of sequence retrieval & the results.
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